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We understand the importance of switching off and taking a break. Routine body maintenance ensures you can perform optimally.

We are partnered with RESET. A state of the art recovery studio providing onsite cryotherapy, infrared sauna and Normatec compression therapy.

Whether you are looking to take your recovery to the next level or a quiet escape, we are here for you.

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Benefits of Hot & Cold Therapy

Exposure to extreme cold temperatures improves ability to regulate and control excessive cortisol production. Improved cortisol regulation reduces feelings of anxiety, improves sleep, reduces fatigue and will reduce aches and pains.

The NormaTec compression system increases blood flow to help your muscles and tissues absorb more nutrients to repair from breakdown after intense workouts.

Hot therapy [saunas] are a great tool to detoxify, reduce inflammation and improve sleep quality.

Recovery Studio - The Spinal Studio


Curated Spaces Designed For The Mind & Body

Recovery Studio - The Spinal Studio

hot therpay

Take an hour out of your week to switch off, reset and recharge. Heat up before you power down with our sanua spaces.

cold therapy

Cryotherapy involves exposure at subzero temperatures giving your better cognitive balance. Experience technology-driven therapy that is backed by science.

Recovery Studio - The Spinal Studio


Good recovery isn’t about how you feel now. But how you feel during your next workout. The NormaTec compression system will speed up recovery inbetween workouts.

RESET Recovery Studio - The Spinal Studio


Recovery In Its Prime

We create the possibility for people to maximise the potential within themselves. Visit our footscray studio to see the full display of recovery services RESET offers. Whether you are looking to take your recovery to the next level or a quiet escape, we are here for you.


Compression boots are excellent at improving blood flow, which aids in faster recovery. If you want faster recovery during workouts, come try it out! You won’t be disappointed.

We highly recommend using them after tough workouts or when recovering from taxing events such as marathons. 

Recovery spaces can be found in our Prahran and Footscray studios.

Infrared saunas use infrared light rather than radiant heat. This provides deep healing in a more comfortable environment. Both are great options. Infrared Sauna’s are located in our Footscray Studio and a traditional sauna is locationed in our Prahran Studio.

Regular cryotherapy is shown to curb excess inflammation and cognitive fatigue.

Cryotherapy protects the body from reactive oxygen species (ROS) damage through activation of cold shock proteins.

Reactive oxygen species is a key player in ageing, cell death and DNA lifespan. 

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