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Chiropractors are clinical experts in joint manipulation, with the aim of eliminating pain, specifically around the spine and optimising your body to full health. Chiropractic treatment involves a biomechanical analysis to assess your posture, movement patterns and find the source of your pain and dysfunction.

All sessions include an assessment, treatment plan, manual therapy and corrective exercises. Our treatment is aimed to align your posture, reduce muscle tension and restore mobility.

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Benefits of Chiropractic

Taking back control of your spinal injuries starts with us. It’s our responsibility to show you what’s possible through evidence-based manual therapy.

The benefit of Chiropractic treatment is felt and seen within each precise adjustment we make. Our patients commonly see improvements to range of motion, posture realignment, chronic conditions (osteoarthritis) and decreases to musculoskeletal pain.

We’re here to get you closer to the end goal, a pain-free life.

Chiropractic Services - The Spinal Studio


Chiropractic Treatment Process



We’ll assess your spine and nervous system through a comprehensive biomechanical examination.



Then we curate manual therapy and corrective exercises that leave you feeling relieved and on your way to recovery.



Finally, we monitor progress and results to ensure you maintain peak performance and restore mobility.

Chiropractic Services - The Spinal Studio

Meet The Team

Build Your Best Self

Our chiropractic practitioners are here to help you achieve your goals. Our cumulative knowledge and experience allow us to confidently diagnose and treat you in a way that brings real results.


Chiropractors focus on hands-on manipulation and postural adjustment most commonly around the spine, but can treat other parts of the body. While physiotherapists have a broader focus on rehabilitation. Physiotherapists often prescribe strength and conditioning exercises for injuries. Both treatments work together for optimal performance and faster recovery.

Chiropractors employ manipulation, using hands-on adjustments to address restricted movement in the spine and limbs. This specific manipulation aims to enhance overall body movement, targeting conditions such as acute and chronic low back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, and extremity joint issues.

When performing treatment, Chiropractors may use equipment to perform adjustments and manipulations or manual therapy to crack and realign your body.

Consider seeing a chiropractor if you experience persistent stiffness, immobility, or chronic pain in your back or joints, especially when conventional treatments have proven ineffective. Additionally, if you have issues with your nervous system or a general sense of misalignment and seek a pain-free life.

Yes, as chiropractic is an Allied Health Service you can claim chiropractic services on Medicare if you meet certain criteria. To be eligible, you should have a chronic condition with complex care needs managed by a medical practitioner under a shared care plan. To find out more visit the Australian Government Department of Health Website.

The choice between a chiropractor and an osteopath depends on individual preferences and the nature of the injury or dysfunction. Chiropractors often focus on realigning joints, using X-rays and short sessions that may require regular visits. Osteopaths provide a holistic approach, use fewer X-rays, concentrate on functional limitations, and offer longer sessions for quicker relief via dry needling, cupping or soft tissue massage techniques.

There’s no definitive answer on which is “better,” as it varies based on individual needs. If you’re unsure, reach out and the team can evaluate the best approach for your unique needs.

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