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At The Spinal Studio, our approach is backed by science to get you moving better, feeling stronger and living without pain.

Our team of chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and myotherapists are committed to taking time to listen, understand the cause of your pain, and give you strategies to take charge of your own health. Here are some of the conditions we treat.

Posture Alignment - The Spinal Studio


Despite lacking strong scientific backing, the notion that poor posture causes spinal pain persists, fueling a lucrative industry of posture-correction products. In fact, no single spinal curvature is scientifically proven to prevent pain.

At The Spinal Studio, practitioners focus attention on helping patients adopt relaxed postures, emphasising that these are safe and can relieve symptoms, backed by science.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Adjustment -The Spinal Studio Test

Neck Pain

9 times out of 10, sciatic pain occurs from a bulged disc. Pain originates from your back and travels down the leg due to inflammation near the sciatic nerve.

Discomfort could stem from repetitive exercises that weakened the disc. By strengthening and centralising the pain up to the root of the dysfunction, physiotherapists can effectively alleviate sciatica.

Chiropractor For Sciatica_The_Spinal_Studio


90% of sciatica cases are caused by a herniated disc due to nerve root compression (Koes BW, van Tulder MW, Peul WC., 2007). Sciatic pain originates from your back and travels down the leg causing sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatic pain is often caused by repetitive exercise, causing weakness and can be effectively addressed by physical therapy.

Most patients with acute sciatica have a favourable prognosis (Koes BW, van Tulder MW, Peul WC., 2007).

HERNIATED DISK - The Spinal Studio

Herniated Disc

A bulging disc is common as we age. 70% of 70 year olds have a bulging disc and live pain free (Cady D.O. 2019).

Bulging or a herniated disc becomes problematic when the disc pushes out the back of a vertebrae, hitting the spinal cord or a nerve root.

Up to 90% of lumbar disc herniations can be successfully treated with a conservative approach, without surgery.

Post-surgery Rehabilitation - The Spinal Studio

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation is an essential aspect of healing, ensuring patients regain their strength, mobility, and function following surgical procedures.

Physiotherapists & manual therapy play a pivotal role in this process, providing holistic care that accelerates recovery and minimises the risk of complications.

Anterior Ankle Impingement Treatment - The Spinal Studio

Anterior Ankle Impingement

Anterior ankle impingement, known as Footballer’s Ankle often occurs after direct trauma (impaction force) or repetitive ankle dorsiflexion (repetitive impaction and traction force).

It is very common in athletes who sustain repetitive ankle dorsiflexion most commonly in football players, soccer players, ballet dancers, gymnasts, and runners or those who have incurred multiple ankle sprains.

Long Term Knee Pain Treatment - The Spinal Studio

Knee Pain

Understanding and addressing the root causes of knee pain is essential for effective relief.

Knee pain may indicate that the demands placed on your knee (load) have surpassed its ability to handle those demands (capacity), resulting in discomfort.

However, this discomfort could stem from lifestyle factors such as an unhealthy diet, abdominal weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate sleep, and high stress levels, which can all increase sensitivity in the joint and exacerbate knee pain (Caneiro, 2022).

Osteopathy During Pregnancy - The Spinal Studio

Pregnancy & Women’s Health

As osteopaths, we have the privilege of supporting pregnant women during this transformative phase of their lives.

Through gentle, hands-on myofascial techniques, practitioners can help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts, promote optimal alignment and movement, and empower women to feel confident and more comfortable during the stages of pregnancy.

how do you treat a groin injury? The Spinal Studio

Groin Injuries

How do you treat a groin injury? Hip or groin pain is a common complaint for which people are referred for physical therapy, with the hip region being involved in approximately 2% to 11% of running injuries (Carlos A. Guanche M.D., 2005).

It is characterised by pain in the groin area, which can range from mild to severe. Groin pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including overuse, prior injury or underlying medical conditions.