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Osteopaths are clinical experts in joint mobilisations and soft tissue techniques for reducing pain and preventing future injuries. Osteopaths use targeted hands-on manual therapy including soft tissue massage, mobilisation, manipulation, dry needling, cupping and more.

All sessions include an assessment, treatment plan, manual therapy and corrective exercises. Treatment aimed to reduce pain, optimise your movement and prevent future injuries.

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The Benefits of Osteopathy

Overcoming injuries is not a linear process. Osteopaths work with you to build a recovery rehabilitation to get you back to preinjury state.

Osteopaths employ their skilful touch and deep understanding of the body to sync your intricate systems. After an osteopathy treatment at The Spinal Studio, you’ll benefit from reduced muscle tension and a deep feeling of release in your joints – unlocking better movement and physical health.

Ready to achieve results that last beyond the treatment table?

Osteopathy treatment - The Spinal Studio


Osteopathy Treatment Process

Assess- Osteopathy Treatment - The Spinal Studio


We’ll assess your medical history and carry out a physical examination to identify the root cause of your dysfunction.

Osteopathy Treatment -The Spinal Studio


Then we apply hands-on manual therapy and tailored corrective exercises, including soft tissue massage or cupping to relieve muscle tension and restore mobility.

Rebuild - Patricia - Osteopathy treatment - The Spinal Studio


Finally, we take an active and collaborative role in your care, working with you often through strength and conditioning exercise plans to get you back to pre-injury stage.

Osteopathy treatment - The Spinal Studio

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Reach Your Full Potential

Our osteopaths are here to help you overcome pain, limitation and achieve optimal health and well-being. Meet the team that will get you out of discomfort and get you back to living your best life.


Osteopaths focus on soft tissue massage musculetal manipulation, whereas chiropractic treatments focus on spinal adjustments and your nervous system. Both provide manual therapy methods to enable the body to heal naturally.

Osteopathy treats far more than just back pain. This common misconception rules out the tangible benefits of osteopathy on your entire body and mind.

We recommend osteopathy treatment if you’re dealing with joint or soft tissue problems, seeking pain relief, or aiming to prevent injuries. Osteopaths provide targeted manual therapy and corrective exercises to optimise movement and well-being.

Yes, osteopathy treatment can be claimed on Medicare if you meet the specified criteria, including having a chronic condition, complex care needs managed by a medical practitioner, and a referral from the medical practitioner. See more on the Australian Government Department of Health Website.

The choice between an osteopath and a physiotherapist depends on individual preferences, the nature of the health condition, and the preferred treatment approach. Osteopaths typically adopt a holistic approach, considering the entire body and lifestyle in their treatment, with a focus on manual techniques like manipulation, stretching, and massage. On the other hand, physiotherapists often emphasise rehabilitation and exercises, targeting specific areas of injury or dysfunction.

Both professions have unique strengths, and the decision should be based on personal preferences, the specific health issue, and the treatment approach that resonates best with the individual. Please feel free to discuss your needs with our team.

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