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First Visit Offer

$80 First Visit Offer

Take back control. Lock in your first appointment today.

Typically initial consultations are $120+, but with this offer you’ll be paying only $80.

Simply pop your details in below and we'll send you a discount code to present at reception on your first visit to any Spinal Studio location.

*Terms and conditons apply.


Offers At The Spinal Studio

What To Expect In Your Inital Consultation

All sessions include an assessment, treatment plan, manual therapy and corrective exercises. Treatment aimed to align your posture, reduce muscle tension and restore mobility.


Offers At The Spinal Studio - About

It's Now Or Never.
Take Back Control.

Everything we do is designed to achieve results first. A studio of unrivaled service and amenities that is designed to inspire.

Our team of experts are here to empower you to take charge of your own health. Surpass all limits as we guide you to unlock the results you want.

Change only happens through action. It’s time to make a commitment to your body.


Ally Turner

"Went in barely able to walk and was taken great care of. Dr James asked all the right questions and was able to cater his treatment to me despite me having very restricted movement. I left feeling a lot better than when I arrived and have confidence in the at home exercises will continue to improve my condition." - Footscray Studio

Jigi Reyes

"I started going to this place about six months ago because I had sore shoulders, back and hip pains. Since seeing Dr. Casey, I felt a lot of improvement in my body. I love it when she combines the normal massage and the pressure massage together..it's so good!!! She is sweet and pleasant to talk with too. Very professional both in service and care. Can't be grateful enough. Everyone in this place is welcoming too. Amazing!!! I highly recommend Dr. Casey and this place." - Werribee Studio


"I had my first consult/appointment with Dr Joe at Spinal Studio Prahran and I can not talk highly enough of him and the treatment he provided! He was extremely thorough and attentive in understanding my background. I have had a full left hip replacement and awaiting my right to be done. In the 8 yrs since my first surgery I have never experienced such professional, informative and encouraging advice and experience. Joe is very interpersonal and has a calm nature. He has helped me feel more confident with my limitations and an understanding of my strengths which I had been anxious with prior to seeing him.

I highly recommend Joe and will continue appointments with him before and after surgery." - Prahran Studio


Chiropractic at The Spinal Studio



Chiropractors are clinical experts in joint manipulations for eliminating pain and optimising your body. Chiropractors use biomechanical analysis to assess your posture, movement patterns and find the source of your pain and dysfunction.




Osteopaths are clinical experts in joint mobilisations and soft tissue techniques for reducing pain and preventing future injuries. Osteopaths use targeted hands-on manual therapy including soft tissue massage, mobilisation, manipulation, dry needling, cupping and more.




Myotherapists are experts in manual therapy practice, especially in myofascial techniques such as deep tissue massage, fascial stretch therapy, trigger point therapy and more.



Recovery Studio

We understand the importance of switching off and taking a break. Routine body maintenance ensures you can perform optimally. We are partnered with RESET. A state of the art recovery studio providing onsite cryotherapy, infrared sauna and Normatec compression therapy.



Remedial Massage

Massage therapists are experts in manual therapy practice, especially in myofascial techniques such as deep tissue massage, fascial stretch therapy, trigger point therapy and more.




Physiotherapists use targeted hands-on manual therapy, including myofascial techniques, mobilisation, and dry needling combined with individualised rehabilitation programs.